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How To Stop Yourself From Ejaculating Quickly - 2 Sizzling Shortcuts To Extraordinary Stamina!

Having a better stamina in bed can make a great difference in how well you fulfill your wife, girlfriend or lover during sex. Unfortunately, premature ejaculation often deals men a huge blow where their ego and confidence are concerned. The simple truth is, it is NOT uncommon for guys to come to an orgasm within 60 seconds or less during intercourse.

But you CAN turn this unfortunate event around. PE can be fixed and it takes just a little bit of practice to finally end the embarrassment of coming too soon.
Be mindful of how you thrust, keep in control of your erection.

Let's take these two simple shortcuts for instance...

#1 - Being Selective of the Positions You Use  

Did you know that the missionary position is one of the main causes of PE? That is true. This position forces you to focus on thrusting, places a great amount of strain on your arms and legs for support and causes your body to seek an outlet for early release. Instead of missionary, try a different mix of positions. Those that allow the woman to be on top are great for a man's stamina, as this form of "passive positioning" (where a man relaxes on his back) allows him to keep his core muscles relaxed and makes it easier for him to contain his arousal.

#2 - Being Mindful of How You Thrust

The way you thrust has a tremendous effect on penile stimulation, and consequently, how soon you ejaculate. If you want to prolong your lovemaking, avoid quick and direct penetration. Instead, move your hips so you can alternate between shallow and deep penetration. Shallow thrusts will pleasure a woman more intensely while deeper penetrations will reduce stimulation on your penis glans and makes it easier for you to control your arousal.

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Most guys dream about being the exceptional lover who can last all night in the bedroom. Sadly, premature ejaculation often rears its ugly head and sneak up on a man when he least expects it. Without a doubt, PE is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating episodes in a man's sexual life, causing him to lose his self confidence and sense of self-worth.

But what exactly is premature ejaculation... and are you actually suffering from it?

Great question! And one that many men are grappling with... despite this problem being all-too-common in the bedroom.

Technically, PE occurs during the first minute of intercourse, often when a man begins to enter the vagina, during the first inward stroke, the initial outward stroke or during the next few thrusts. If an orgasm happens several minutes later, it is not truly a case of premature ejaculation; rather it's an untimely event.

Perhaps the most logical and sound definition of PE boils down to this: that you routinely climax BEFORE you or your wife/girlfriend is sexually fulfilled. For women, this usually means BEFORE they achieve an orgasm.

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And here's a HUGE misconception about PE...

Many men think that this is something to be ashamed of. They feel humiliated about their lack of stamina in bed. They feel a need to avoid all sexual contact with the opposite sex. It does NOT have to be this way. You see, while premature ejaculation can be embarrassing, it is also something that can be turned around permanently.

Did you know that close to 40 percent of men around the world are affected by PE? And the fact is that a good number of us are able to completely eradicate it on our own and enjoy sex that really lasts.

Natural techniques to boost your endurance (most men are clueless...)

No one is born with a natural, innate ability to last very long in bed. But your sexual stamina CAN be improved. The fact that ejaculation is a reflex action also means you can exercise a certain level of control over its triggers - typically the ejaculatory muscles - that cause an early climax.

For instance, toughening up the PC muscles in your pelvis is a proven technique to significantly enhance your staying power. "Mental muscle" also plays a crucial role in determining how long you will last. And there are very specific, simple exercises that help to improve your cognitive abilities to handle intense sexual stimulation so that you can go the distance until your partner has had her deserved share of sexual fulfillment!

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