Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Prepare Her For Anal Sex,

Prepare Her For Anal Pleasure
Usually, the horror stories we hear about anal sex revolve around the guy trying it on his partner even before she is ready. Sometimes, the guy may even spring a surprise on her... causing things to get really messy (in a bad way). The result? Anal sex is given a bad label, shelved and never talked about again in the entire relationship.

Yes, anal pleasure is all about adequate preparation. Not just physical preparation but also mental preparation. In fact, if you can mentally warm your lover up to the idea of hot, lustful anal sex... then most of the work is already done! The key is to take things slowly and give it to her really BAD only after she's ready.

Relax – Anal play is never about force. It's always about full consent between two loving parties. Here's a recap of the facts you need to educate your lover about anal intercourse...

  1. Anal play can make your lover feel good – Since her anus contains a rich number of highly sensitive nerve endings... all of which are intensely stimulated during anal sex.
  2. Anal play can feel pleasurably tight for you as well – The human anus contains a ring of strong sphincter muscles that contract and relax... providing a firm gripping sensation for your penis.
  3. Anal sex is not dirty or messy if done correctly. It's not painful if you do the usual preparations and ease yourself into it. If it's painful instead of pleasurable... you're not doing it right! You do the same preparations for anal intercourse as you would with vaginal penetration... the basics are the same!

Since so many of my readers have been curious about straight anal play with no where to turn to... I couldn't possibly leave them in the lurch, could I?

Instead of letting everyone be carried away by all the misinformation and half-truths out there... I decided to create my own comprehensive course on this VERY subject! Read more : Anal Pleasure for her.

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