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Ejaculating Too Soon During Sex? Here's Why (And What You Should Do To Fix Premature Ejaculation)

Ejaculate on Command.

Many men suffer from premature ejaculation. It is a perennial problem that has existed since the dawn of time. Now if you want to permanently end PE and enjoy sex that lasts, you first have to understand why exactly you are climaxing too quickly whenever you have sex. Let's take a quick look below.

Why men ejaculate too soon

Quite simply, it arises from a man's inability to recognize and associate the sensations that immediately precede an orgasm. Most men are also unable to associate the feelings accompanying the rise in sexual arousal... until it is too late.

Here's what you should do to improve your staying power

It is important to train your mind to be constantly aware of what is happening during sex and not become completely lost in the moment of sexual bliss. If you feel the sensations are becoming too intense when your partner is giving you hand or mouth stimulation (or both), tell her to immediately stop what she is doing. Then learn how long and how far it takes for your arousal to subside before asking her to resume stimulation.

Communication is KEY here. Many men feel embarrassed having to tell their partners to stop. Don't just say to yourself "It's OK, I'll just try to last a little longer", etc. Believe me... will power alone will NOT enable you to last longer.

When you feel an orgasm approaching, tell her to stop IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner. Or at least ask her to hold your penis really still. This is because any slight movement will likely stimulate the deep-seated nerves at the base of the penis and cause you to blow prematurely.

Don't make a fuss out of it, either!

If you do accidentally spill, don't make a big deal out of it. See the lighter side of things (say "oops, you are just too hot")... and try again later. There is always another time to improve things!

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